My account has been blocked due to five consecutively failed login attempts. How do I get my login back ?

Oodrive Personal Cloud blocks the account and sends an e-mail including a link and instructions to help you reset your password. So check your email and follow the mentioned steps in order to create a new password.

Note: for security purposes, all connected devices with your user session will be automatically disconnected from the  platform.

How can I create a folder in Oodrive Personal Cloud ?

Simply click my files at the bottom of your screen then new folder. In the dialog box type in a name and confirm. Your folder will be created in the specified location.

How long does my session remain active ?

Your session will remain active for 12 days. So you need to re-authenticate once this period is finished.

I did not receive the validation e-mail after creating my new account. What can I do?

The email may have been placed in your Spam folder. So check this folder. Do not hesitate to add the -e-mail address in  trusted sites of your email client.

How can I create an account using my smartphone ?

Simply download the compatible application with your handheld. Once installed, you’ll be able de create an account using an integrated application form.

How can I logout securely from the workspace ?

Click Options then « Log off ». This allows you to securely close your session.

How do I modify my password ?

Click Options « Security », then in the section « Information – logging in ». There you may change your password using the Oodrive Personal Cloud criteria of complexity. For more information consult the security tab.

How can I close down my Oodrive Personal Cloud account?

In order to close down your account, go to Options and then ‘personal details’. At the bottom left of the screen click ‘Close down my account’. You must enter your password and then click ‘Close down my account’ in order to close down your Oodrive Personal Cloud subscription definitively. Don’t forget to save all your information beforehand because you will not be able to recover it once your space has been deleted.

What types of files can I view in Oodrive Personal Cloud ?

Apart from Image and Video files you can also view Office documents (.doc, .ppt, .xls) as well as PDF files and text files.

How long does Oodrive Personal Cloud keep different versions of the same document?

The versions are kept for 15 days for Start accounts and 30 days for Premium accounts.

How can I recover a previous version of a file?

Just bring up the table with the versions linked to the main file and download the version of your choice.

How can I check the synchronisation status of my files from my PC?

When a file has been added to the Oodrive Personal Cloud file, a red sign on the icon for the file indicates that the file has not yet been synchronised. Once synchronisation has been completed, the sign will turn to green.

Is it possible to install Oodrive Personal Cloud on several PCs in order to synchronise the files in my space?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to synchronise several PCs with your Oodrive Personal Cloud space. We should point out that your data is stocked on all of the synchronised PCs.

How can I consult the storage space that I am using/left to me ?

Go to Options, then select ‘Personal information’ where your disc space is indicated in the form of a progression bar in the section ‘storage’.

How can I add files to my Oodrive Personal Cloud space?

Choose the destination folder and click Add files. You may browse your hard disc in order to add the files of your choice.

You can also drag / drop files to the folder of your choice.

How can I download files from Oodrive Personal Cloud ?

Simply select the files you wish to retreive then click download. Specify the local destination directory and click save.

How can I create a download link for my files ?

Select the file of your choice and click the create link icon. Oodrive Personal Cloud generates a secure download URL in real-time for the selected items and displays it in the dialog box. You can copy the link to the clipboard and use it for your specific needs.

How do I delete my online files/folders?

Select the files then click Delete. Confirm.

Your content is permanently deleted without any possibility of recovery.

Is it possible to download files to my smartphone?

You can easily download the files in order to store them locally . To do so, select the file then choose Download. The file will be placed in your mobile device’s local directory.

What is the use of the “i” icon ?

The informations represents file/folder properties. You may get information on their size, type, added date etc.

What is the purpose of the button ‘Other functions’ indicated by… ?

Once a folder or a file has been selected, this button gives you access to renaming, deleting, or moving functions.

How can I rename a file or a folder?

Just select the file/folder and go to Rename in the action bar; enter the new name and validate. The file/folder is now renamed.

Is it possible to define the local Oodrive Personal Cloud synchronisation directory during installation?

The directory ‘My documents’ is chosen by default during installation. It is possible to change this directory however and define your own synchronisation path. Click ‘Browse’, define your chosen location and click the next button.

Is it possible to change the location of the local Oodrive Personal Cloud synchronisation directory?

You can change the default directory after Oodrive Personal Cloud has been installed. Right click on the Oodrive Personal Cloud icon (located in the Windows task bar), open the parameters. In the ‘General’ tab, click ‘move’ in order to define a new location for your synchronisation directory.

Why am I receiving alerts for non-synchronised files?

If a file is being used, it cannot be synchronsied. Check that it is not being used by another program. Once it has been closed the file will be synchronised during the next synchronisation session.

How can I ascertain which files have not been synchronised?

Right click on the Oodrive Personal Cloud icon in the Windows task bar then go to notifications centre. The second tab contains the list of non-synchronised files.

How does the search function work in Oodrive Personal Cloud ?

The Search... field that appears in the tabs on your Oodrive Personal Cloud space offers you the posssibility of carrying out searches by name of file, folder, album as well as shares. You can also have access to your search history. Just go to the tab of your choice, enter 3 letters or more, then start the search. The result will appear in the window so thay you can view the contents of the different elements that appear. You can also go to the location of these files by clicking the icon on the right of each element.

What does « Notifications center » do and how can I access it ?

« Notifications center » indicates the files that have not been synchronized for various reasons and all the actions that have been made on the “Personal Cloud” folder. To access it, using the right-click on the Personal Cloud icon on Windows taskbar, select « Notifications center ».

Where is my data stored?

Our data centers are located in France and have the best security available on the market.

What is the use of the encryption key that I’m asked to define when I first open the locally installed program ?

To ensure the complete privacy of your data exchange with the Oodrive Personal Cloud server, you must choose initially, the encryption key to encrypt your data. Without this key files can not be opened..You can choose the default Oodrive Personal Cloud key, or define your own key that must necessarily match the security criteria defined by our security policy.

What is the difference between the Oodrive Personal Cloud encryption key and the Personal encryption key?

The Oodrive Personal Cloud encryption key is offered by default to encrypt your data stored on our servers. You do not need to remember it and you will not be asked for it when you log in. However, if you decide to use your own encryption key you must not forget it because you will be asked to enter it every time you log in. Moreover, in the event of loss, you will not be able to access your data and the Oodrive Personal Cloud team will be obliged to reconfigure your account.

How do I access the security settings in Oodrive Personal Cloud ?

The security screen is accessed from the settings button. You can perform the following actions:
Change your password
Enable change password every 90 days.
Enable 2-step authentication.
Enable | Disable receiving alerts when another unknown device
Manage the list of devices that have access to the account and disconnect them remotely.

Is it possible to know the list of my devices connected or not to the Oodrive Personal Cloud platform?

The security section allows you to view the device list to know in real time which  devices are currently connected or disconnected. When the device is connected, you see, in the column “Last Activity” the title “Open session”. Disconnected devices are grayed  with the date of last login.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

To receive a new password   click “password forgotten”. You must fill in your e-mail address on the page that is displayed. An e-mail containing a link to the change password section is sent to you. you must set a new password.

My account has been blocked due to five consecutively failed login attempts. How do I get my login back ?

Oodrive Personal Cloud blocks the account and sends an e-mail including a link and instructions to help you reset your password. So check your email and follow the mentioned steps in order to create a newj password.

Note: for security purposes, all connected devices with your user session will be automatically disconnected from the  platform.

I wish to receive/disable alerts from my space when a new device is connected, what should I do?

You can customize alerts in the security interface  of your space. Simply enable/disable “Notify me when a connection is detected from an unknown device.”

Is it possible to know the activity of my devices on Oodrive Personal Cloud space?

Yes, to access your devices’ activities connected to Oodrive Personal Cloud simply go to settings then “Security”. In this section, for each associated device with your account, you can view the date and time of its latest activity. You also have the possibility of dissociating the devices of your choice from this list using the “dissociate” link.

I lost my Oodrive Personal Cloud encryption key, how do I retrieve it?

Just go to Oodrive Personal Cloud login page then click “I forgot my enryption key” in order to display the retreival procedure . Please note that you must have at least one device or computer connected to your space to be able to recover your encryption key.

Some of my contacts are not receiving my file sharing. What should I do?

It is possible that the e-mail has been considered as spam. He must go to his spam folder.

Also, some web-based e-mail programs have a security system that requires you to type in a captcha before the e-mail is actually routed to the inbox of your correspondent. In this case you must check you own e-mails to see if you have not received a confirmation message.

How do I share files via e-mail in Oodrive Personal Cloud ?

Select the files and click the Share via email icon. The wizard that opens, lets you set your recipients, add a subject and message and then send the e-mail to your correspondents.

Is it possible to know if my contacts have viewed my e-mail shared?

Yes, in “My shares” section, the share icon indicates the number of times that contacts have accessed the files. By clicking on the number of contacts you can visualize the date and time the of the last recipient’s view.

I wish to password protect my share, how should I proceed?

When creating shares, at the bottom left of the dialog box activate the protection lock and set your password. For the security reasons, the password will not be sent by email, so make sure to provide it by the means of your choice. Also, in the “Shares” section, the password protected sharings have an enabled padlock icon.

How do I disable or delete a share?

Go to the “Shares” section and click on the cogwheel at the top right corner of the Sharing icon. In the window that appears you can enable/disable or delete your sharing. The sharing will no longer be accessible by your contacts.

Is it possible to share a file from Oodrive Personal Cloud in one of my social network accounts such LinkedIn or Twitter?

Yes, select the item you wish to share and click the Share (add picto) button. Choose the social network of your choice then click “Share.” The share’s link will appear in the chosen social network window.

I have carried out a share by email, but I cannot find it. What should I do?

Use the search function on the right above the ‘Share’ tab. Just enter part of the name of the addressee or the shared files. The results of your search will appear in the navigation window.

Can I protect my shares by password?

Yes, to do so just activate the password protection functionality. Your correspondents will receive a separate e-mail containing an automatically generated password.

How do I disable an e-mail sharing ?

To do so go to My sharings and set the sharing of your choice to “off”.

I have carried out a share by email, but I cannot find it. What should I do?

Use the search function on the right above the ‘Share’ tab. Just enter part of the name of the addressee or the shared files. The results of your search will appear in the navigation window.

How do I add a note in my Oodrive Personal Cloud Space?

Once connected to your Oodrive Personal Cloud space using your web browser, click « Notes » in the lower left or you can also access it by your mobile . Once in the notes section, click «+» to create your note and choose its display color ; when finished click «ok» to save it. You can at any time edit / delete and share your notes if necessary.

Is it possible to make changes to imported images in my Oodrive Personal Cloud space?

Yes, we have added a very powerful tool for editing images in Oodrive Personal Cloud web interface and mobile applications. When viewing your photos in a web browser or mobile application, simply select the «Edit Image» icon. You will have the most frequently used tools to customize your image. Once done editing the image save it by specifying the file name to be kept in your Oodrive Personal Cloud folder.

How does the « shared folder » work?

All you have to do is select a folder and choose « Send by email ». Add the recipient addresses and select the « shared folder » option. If your recipients have an Oodrive Personal Cloud account, they can then link the shared file to their account and access it from their connected devices and add, delete or move items. Modifications will be visible to all.

How do I use Contacts in Oodrive Personal Cloud ?

When sharing by email, you can use just the Name and Surname to add a recipient. To do this from your mobile, tablet or the web, go to the « Sharing » tab and click on the « Contacts » button. Then simply insert the necessary information.

Is it possible to geotag photos in Oodrive Personal Cloud ?

From the Gallery tab you can access a world map that geolocates photos and videos from the gallery. Photos and videos are represented by « Pins » and by clicking them they can be viewed. Of course, your photos and videos must be taken by a device with geolocation feature.

Is it possible to print my documents stored in Oodrive Personal Cloud via Airplay?

Yes, you can print any document viewable by the Oodrive Personal Cloud viewer via Airplay. To do so, when you visualize your document among the possibilities, select « print via Airplay »

Can I change my Oodrive Personal Cloud account e-mail address?

Yes, go to settings and in the security tab select « login information » where you can modify your e-mail address. Once your e-mail is modified you will receive a confirmation link in your new e-mail box. Click the link to validate your new e-mail address.

How can I change my storage capacity ?

Oodrive Personal Cloud don’t offer the possibilité to upgrade storage capacity. If you would like to change to an offer with greater storage capacity, please contact us via so that we can give you information on offers provided by one of our retail partners.