Discover Oodrive Personal Cloud

all your files, on all your devices

Access your documents, photos, and videos at any time from your smartphone, tablet, and computer. This means you can find them wherever you are. The files that you add to one device appear instantly on all the others.

Your digital life at your fingertips

You can actually store any file type: photos, music, presentations, illustrations, spreadsheets, PDFs, templates, videos, and more. Create folders, move your documents, and publish your photos directly from your cloud storage space.

Share the way you want…

No more sending mail attachments: send your holiday photos to your friends with a simple link. Share documents and folders of any size, even if the recipient doesn’t have a cloud account.

…and track what you share

Directly from the app, you can manage all of your shared files: add recipients, see the date and time it was last viewed, and delete or deactivate a share document or a recipient.

Free up space on your smartphone

Automatically save your smartphone’s Camera Roll to free up internal memory on your smartphone or tablet. All your photos will be automatically stored in your account, and your memories preserved!

Offline access

When you choose your favorite photos and videos, your files are available when your phone or tablet is no longer connected to the internet; for example, on a bus or plane.

A unique media gallery

Nothing is simpler than showing your holiday photos to your family at the touch of a button. Sort your photos and videos by album title, creation date, or even location, thanks to the different sorting modes.

Collaborate on your documents

When you invite friends, they can modify a spreadsheet, make progress on a presentation, add holiday photos, and delete, rename, and move files. All of the folder’s members can automatically access the most recent version.

Your photos and videos on your TV screen

From your phone or tablet, display your photos and videos on a compatible Chromecast TV set. Your phone or tablet turns into a remote control.

Edit your favorite photos

No specific software necessary: edit your photos and add filters or color effects directly from the Oodrive Personal Cloud app. Crop photos, change the contrast, improve brightness, add text and stickers, and more.

Recover deleted files

Retrieve a deleted file or restore to an older version thanks to the bin. With Oodrive Personal Cloud, managing your documents becomes as simple as 1-2-3.

Your personal data stays personal

Oodrive Personal Cloud offers the best guarantees in terms of security. We encrypt your data during transfer as well as during storage (SSL and AES-256-bit) so your personal data remains personal.